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  Nerdesq Cheatsheet?
Posted by: pmarchitect - 09-19-2018, 12:19 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (4)

Hi guys,

I'd like to make graphical cheat sheet for users which will show all button combinations for actions which are not printed on the front panel. 

If you think this would be useful please jump in and help me to compile a list of button combinations as it would be much faster than me doing it alone.

1. Update firmware: Hold SHIFT, COPY, CURSOR UP when powering on.
2. Stop sequencer: Hold SHIFT press STOP.
3. Start all channels: Hold SHIFT press START.

Please feel free to correct my terminology also, if I make mistakes.


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  lcd screen all white
Posted by: persi74 - 09-18-2018, 02:08 PM - Forum: The really bad bugs -> crash - Replies (9)

Hi yesterday i update my nerdseq ,today after few minute of use the screnn go all white i can see the sequencer ,is like some contrast inside the software..now is working again..this happen if i have the screen saver on..whats happen?

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  MIDI Gate Stuck
Posted by: pmarchitect - 09-17-2018, 10:14 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (13)

Hi guys,

I have a Nerdseq with midi io. 

I connect my Digitakt directly to sequence the 6 cv trig channels. This works ok sometimes, but very often the gate will get stuck open. When I put the Nerdseq clock into midi Slave mode, the gates never switch off. So from the first note I cannot turn them off and end up having to power cycle to stop the gate. This is playing monophonically.

I can’t sequence via midi and have a synced clock at the same time. I have an Intellijel uMidi, which does not display this issue using the same setup. I really need to get this to work properly, it is particularly frustrating as I cannot sequence anything.

Can anyone help with this? Firmware is 1.16, the latest release.


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Lightbulb List of requests
Posted by: matsmile - 09-15-2018, 03:16 AM - Forum: Feature requests - Replies (4)

There are number of parameters that can be displayed in a decimal form as oppose to hex. I appreciate hex values in some cases but in many others they just make it more confusing.

  1. Change number of steps in the pattern from hex to decimal (1-64) [Same goes for the Tables screen]
  2. Change LFO speed to devisions/multiplications values as oppose to hex numbers, otherwise I have no idea what is going on especially when using synced LFOs.
  3. Change offset and range of LFOs to voltage values.
  4. It will be convenient if probability values could be 1-100% [PRTR 55%] {In general FX track values can be really confusing, maybe providing small description in the status bar what every number does can be helpful}
  5. When manipulating automators via the FX column browsing through the ALS parameters is awful. Description in the status bar is helpful but damn I would prefer seeing the waveform (if I'm changing it) or seeing the devision (if I'm changing the speed) 

  • Make values for duplets and triplets repeats in TR column more obvious. In many cases repeats I get are either too fast or to slow or last too long etc etc.
  • Make notes in Tables automatically insert trig in the FX column. Inserting trigs by hand is tedious and if you don't have them there it's not triggering the envelope.

Further down the road:
  1. Implement an arm recording function so it only starts recording when you start playing.
  2. Add simple 4-8 step sequencer with clock divider to the automators list to enable internal modulation such as transposition.
  3. Add clock dividers for patterns (and make them modulatable by the seq automator !)
  4. And of course quantizer of some sort would be great.

Thank you !

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Music Firmware V1.16
Posted by: XORadmin - 09-14-2018, 01:19 PM - Forum: Firmware - Replies (12)

I'm happy again to finally present you a new Firmware release V1.16 with many new features, improvements and some fixes.
This time it took a bit longer because they were some big functions added which took many hours of development and some refactoring. Also the testphase was quite long because of the many new features. Anyway here we are and i'm very excited!

Some important information before you update:
- make a backup of your SD Card and especially of your projects 
- Old Projects from V1.14 and older can simply be loaded with the new version but keep in mind, once saved with the V1.16 version they can't be loaded anymore with an older version (in case you need to rollback for some reason. You can downgrade always to your older version if needed)
- Even though i mentioned that the V1.16 Release Candidate shouldn't be used productive and that i can't fully guarantee that projects are compatible with the release version, i know some of you already use it productive. Be aware that i can't guarantee that these versions can be loaded with the new release.
However, in most cases except for the early release candidates it is possible to re-use the projects. In case that you got this Mega Project which is really important to you but you can't load it anymore, i offer a conversion of your project files!!

Here is a list of all the changings, in case you didn't check the Release Candidates yet:

  • Added: Automations. 8 Automation slots with the modulation matrix to output the automators to several internal and external functions.
    Current Automators:    LFO, CV inputs. LFO automator with the following settings: Speed, Offset, Invert, Clock, Range, Waveform (Sinus, Triangle, Sawtooth, White and pinknoise), Bitrate, Phase. All automator settings can be manipulated from the FX column of a track. Also, several LFO settings can be manipulated by another automator slot: Speed, Range and Reset. The CV input automator got no settings yet (for next version). Automator destinations: Track 1..6: CV, MOD, Trigger Length (overrules the next trigger in length), Trigger Delay (overrules the next trigger delayed gate function), FX1..FX4 Overrule (overrules the next FX values), CV/MOD Glide+Steps, All probabilities, Step Overrule (experimental). Sample tracks 7,8: Pitch, Volume, Bitcrush, Distortion, Sample position, FX Overrule, All probabilities, Step overrule (experimental)
  • Change: Trigger column overrules the auto-gating from notes. So if a note is filled in and a trigger (from trigger column) at the same step, then the trigger got high priority
  • Added: Next Random FX overrule in FX column. The next FX value from destinations (0 = random fx column, 1..4 = FX 1..4) will be overruled by a random value.
  • Added: Old projects from versions older than 1.16 can be loaded
  • Added: time in sample pattern screen
  • Added: Din-Sync24 output (for clock)
  • Added: Edit steps (change in setup screen). Cursor jumps automatically the amount of steps further when inserting a new value with SHIFT + CURSOR-UP in the pattern screen. Be aware that this can be confusing when you are used to insert values with SHIFT + CURSOR-UP. Inserting new values without the steps jumping can be done with SHIFT + CURSOR-RIGHT. You can disable this function to get back as it used to be if the editsteps are 0.
  • Added: OK button on the trigger column triggers the underlying trigger value
  • Added: Current running table is visible in the pattern screen.
  • Added: Table Stop command. Be aware, tables are not being stopped anymore by using a patch. Table stop is the value left of Table 00.
  • Added: All tracks play (SHIFT + START) from inside a pattern (same like on the sequencer screen)
  • Added: Simple Screensaver. (Enable in Setup Screen. 0 Seconds = Screensaver off)
  • Fix: BRK in sample tracks works now as suppose to be in combination with probability
  • Added: PAGE UP/DOWN in patch screen
  • Added: Clone patch with SHIFT + OK on a current patch
  • Added: Setting (setup screen) to automatically add also a trigger in the trigger column when inserting a note.
  • Added: Sample offset FX
  • Added: Note Prelisten when pressing OK on note (works also with SHIFT + CURSOR-UP/DOWN + OK)
  • Added: Note insertion (note scale) on MOD column. Fast switch by using OK on the mod column swaps between 000, 800, C-0, C-4, C-8.
  • Added: Screen wrap-around (enable in setup screen). Cursor swaps back to the begin/end of the screen up/down/left/right.
  • Added: Setup function: Reset all values/settings on song stop.
  • Added: Highlight rows. The row highlighting from the pattern screen can be changed in the setup screen (eg, 4 = every 4th row is highlightened)
  • Added: Special FX command with multiple functions: Stop track after pattern ready, Stop track directly, Stop Song, Set/Reset clock output, Pulse clock output, Set/reset RESET output, Pulse Reset output, Reset all track current values, Reset all current values, Goto random position, Resync track, Resync All.
  • Added: Modwheel input for live manipulation through MIDI (for MOD)
  • Fix: Mute didn't affect the FX column well
  • Added: Nerd Menu: Reset current Track values, Reset All current values, Resync Track, Resync All
  • Added: Pattern Names. You can give each pattern a name now. (Add name in Nerd Menu on the pattern screen)
  • Fix: Screen edit / key input inconsistencies
  • Added: Trigger function 'FD' will toggle the trigger.
  • Updated: Many small updates and fixes in the screens and background to get a smoother usability feeling and higher performance. Screen change is now much snappier. Removed many mini-glitches.
  • Fix: Basenote didn't reset when a pattern/track was stopped manually

I also updated the Manual but it is still a draft as i will release a re-worked manual soon.

To update the Firmware, put the firmware file (possibly right mouse/ save as) into the firmware folder on the SD-Card (after doing a backup) and on power up (or reset) hold these buttons: SHIFT + COPY + CURSOR_UP until the NerdSEQ enters the Firmware upgrade mode. If it starts booting into the NerdSEQ normally, try again. If it says it couldn't find the SD-Card or any other error: Keep holding the buttons, it will work the next time for sure.
Follow the instructions on the screen to update to V1.16

There you are, check if you want to enable/disable of the new functions in the Setup Screen.

Of course, if you got a gig this weekend, wait until monday before doing the update  Big Grin 
The firmware is also on the Website, in case you don't want to register to the forum.

Heart    Now get it, have fun and spread the word!!!    Heart 


(One last disclaimer: Even though this version was going through a long test period by me and you, i can't guarantee that they are no hidden bugs somehow. If, then i try to fix them as soon as possible of course)

Attached Files
.pdf   nerdseq_manual_1_0_2.pdf (Size: 2,08 MB / Downloads: 41)
.hex   nerdseq.hex (Size: 2,23 MB / Downloads: 39)
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  MIDI recording settings
Posted by: shledge - 09-14-2018, 10:29 AM - Forum: Feature requests - No Replies

I have noticed that recording MIDI to a pattern is a little counter intuitive for my needs - it records the notes, but also the note offs as spaces. This is okay if I play the melody on time, but the spaces mean that either not all the notes are captured since the spaces overwrite them, or that overdubbing slight alterations means the spaces pretty much wiping nearly the entire area it's recording over, even though the notes themselves don't overlap.

Would it be possible to set this so that it doesn't record note offs as spaces, and instead puts them as triggers?

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  Convert Sample outs to Triggers?
Posted by: banjodan - 09-02-2018, 11:28 PM - Forum: Feature requests - Replies (11)

In my current setup, I don't really need the Sample outputs, what I need is more triggers. I'm guessing I could hack that with a pulse sample, but it would be nice if there were a built-in way to do it. Maybe a dedicated sample slot number (FF ?) or some configuration option where a new entry in the Note column generates a trigger at the sample output. Possible?

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  patch and probability
Posted by: holo - 09-01-2018, 01:31 PM - Forum: General Questions - No Replies

hi, some questions..
1) is this intended?: when i have a trigger in my patch, either trigger x or just trigger, and i set trigger probability, this has no effect. i need to put the trigger into the pattern. also with cv and probably mod which i didnt try. 

2) a feature request: would it be possible to select a patch via fx so i can put fx probability on fx1 and randomly select patch x,y,z by putting them to fx2-4?

3) fx are evaluated from left to right, but is the probability calculated again for each entry then? so it might decide no for fx2 and yes for fx3?

i know everything is a bit different with patches but i cant exactly remember .. if i was explained before why this or that is impossible just say 'impossible'!

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  insert midi note from keyboard
Posted by: persi74 - 08-30-2018, 05:39 PM - Forum: Nerdseq - Replies (2)

Hi guys..can i insert midi note from external keyboard without run the sequencer,step by step..?..all the best!

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  midi thru?
Posted by: Friend of Dogs - 08-30-2018, 04:11 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (2)

Hi, enjoying my nerdseq today, I have a Arturia keystep plugged in to the midi in, and thought.. scheiBe I might want to use my korg minilogue ontop of what ever it is I'm doing..  I tried seeing if maybe I set the korg midi channel to ch 7, then I could control it from the nerdseq expander acting as a midi through (playing the keystep controller plugged into the nerdseq midi in). it didnt work, checked the manual but couldnt find what I was looking for. I know I could use a midi thru box, but I want to see if I can avoid spending to get the answers.
So I thought I'd ask to see, is this a thing yet? is there a more midi implementations to be seen?

also I thought It might be interesting to have a midi channel  style track. Like how theres a regular CV gate tracks, then sample tracks, I image it being very useful, a track able to announce polyphony, then I could justify getting a Prophet synth!..

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