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Release Candidate Firmware V1.20 RC5
(11-06-2019, 10:23 AM)XORadmin Wrote:
(11-05-2019, 12:29 PM)Johnny Wrote: V1.20 RC5 live recording via inputs works fine (SWEET!!) but gets one row "delayed"
with setup:

NerdSeq MIDI MASTER -> MIDI CLOCK IN - x0xb0x - GATE & CV OUT -> NerdSeq INPUT 1 & 2

Everything is one step behind, like first step gets recorded to second step and so on..

LOVE the update!! Euclidean rhythm for triggers is best!!


I think i will leave that for now and relate the issue to the xoxbox and not the NerdSEQ.

I see different reports online about the xoxbox if clocked externally which seem to produce CV/Gate latencies. (Can only verify if you have good scope pictures of the CV/Gate out compared to a trigger on each step of the NerdSEQ)
Also, keep in mind that you need to set your gates short, avoid sliding notes etc. Else it simply won't work well. If 2 notes are tied together, there won't be  a gate retriggering. If the gates stay too long between the steps (which is quite normal with acid sequencing) then they might overlap. If you have sliding notes, which part of the slide is the correct one to sample? And depending on your record settings you get different results.

At last, before you get troubles with the NerdSEQ CV inputs (they can handle it though and will survive), the Gate signal of the xoxbox does have higher levels and is not within the NerdSEQ input specifications. You would better convert them to something below 10 Volt and better to normal 0..5 Volt Gate.

Hello Thomas, Im happy to inform you that NerdSeq records perfectly x0xb0x CV & GATE outs!!

The problem was that I set individually INPUT 1 & 2 to CV and GATE, it doesn't work. There is this one row latency and sequence is recorded totally 'broken'.

But _the thing_ is that I didn't even knew that there is this dual CV&GATE 0ms delay option (sorry, my bad..).
It works like a charm!! I mean, even the sequence itself is indentical to x0xb0x sequence. Nice sweet man!!

cheers, Johnny

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