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Expander Assigning
Are individual expander outputs assignable to a modular track? If not now, is this something that can be implemented in the future? I've read the manual pretty carefully and don't see this feature listed. I have all three expanders and love nerdseq, but when I'm making a track and want to sequence complex modulations from the CV16 outputs I have to use two separate tracks and get lost going back and forth between tracks trying to remember which steps to place values or envelopes on. So for instance, I'd like to assign four or five of the expander outputs to modular track one where my note values and trigger inputs are place . This is important because using one track for trigger values and another track for cv values gets confusing and slows down the process a lot. Is it or will it be possible to make expander outputs directly available within the modular/melodic track screen? This would also help because giving up one track for the trigger expander and one track for the cv expander leaves me with four tracks to write music on and most of the time I only need a few of the extra triggers or cv outputs, and other times it gets confusing trying to remember which trigger and which cv values go with which musical track since they are all lumped into one trigger track or one cv track. Thank you Smile

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