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Trigger 16: some questions

i got my trigger expander today and so far I found it to be very straightforward to use. There are a few things that I haven't been able to figure out though:
In the pattern screen, I can access triggers 1-8 while in the drum overview screen (= drum matrix) all 16 are directly accessible.
How do i access the upper half from the pattern screen ?

And while it is possible to use both screens - is the idea to use the overview screen for drum programming and use the pattern screen for 'non-standard' triggers ? Accessing the upper half there would of course also be sweet.

Anyway, thanks a bunch for this awesome gear ! Now I can finally use all of my vermona drm with it.

you can only access directly 8 because there is not more memory to get all 16 columns in there. Anyway, you can go to the track settings and enable swap, then you have access to the triggers 9..16. You could use 1..8 on one track and 9..16 on another track for example. But there is only space for one of the parts for each track!
Still you can also access all 16 triggers also from the FX columns, so they are still enough possibilities to add non-standard triggers for all.

And yes, the idea is to use the drum-matrix for the regular drum triggers and the non standard triggers can overrule these for the special stuff.
Great, thanks for the explanation - I had missed the "swap outputs" setting in the track setup screen on page 57 of the manual.
Haha...sorry for that many pages....but there us much to tell :-)

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