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Stop wave sounds on tracks 7 and 8 on sequence stop
When a sequence on an audio track that is set to use an oscillator wave (instead of a sample) is stopped or stop all sequences is initiated, the wave continues playing until you hit stop or stop all a second time. Can this be changed to stop the oscillator playing on sequence stop or end like the way samples stop playing?
Actually just as you say, these are oscillators and they usually keep running. You stop them normally with the use of VCA's or filters etc...
A change to let them stop is definitely nothing I would do. You might want envelopes to release then or something like this.
Also, they are being used not only for tracks playing. If you use for example an oscillator combination of multiple ones (like for FM sounds) and stop only one track, then you might want to stop the others as well..or keep them running because they belong to another sequence...

One option might be to make it a setting, but I got to think about that.
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I don't think that Oscillators should stop. Envelopes and gates should. Oscillators should be silenced via a VCA.
I get that these are oscillators and having them stay running is desirable for most but for my use, I would really like the option to stop them on sequence stop. Maybe it could be an option that could be toggled on/off and set to free running by default?

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