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Sample Bank Switching?
Hi! I know this is a stretch but I write entire sets in a single song file and I find myself wishing I could have more (not longer) samples. I know there are old tracker tricks (short samples doubled in length blah blah) but would it be possible to have multiple banks and switch entire banks in sequence? Wouldn't necessarily need to be quick (i.e. on the fly or in time) but being able to have an effect that switches banks at the beginning of the pattern would be really cool. Just a thought!
I don´t think it´s possible by design. 200Kb of ram for the samples...and if i remember it right ,hotswapping samples would/could cause problems.
the ability to play samples was an extra anyway...
Why don´t get a TipTop "One" module and adress it via nerdseq...ok , more money to spend...but hey , not much hp and you know it would be expensive.
I think on that "addition" too , with the coming nerdseq expanders no bottleneck on cv/trigger outs Smile
I hear you. I wish I had the HP for a one haha. My thought was more that the samples in the second "bank" might have their locations on the SD stored (as opposed to the actual sample) and that switching 'banks' would rewrite the 200kb of memory - does that make sense? It's the same amount of memory, just other banks are stored as text only and could potentially all be recalled as a group. All samples in sequence would also stay addressed the same, its just the resultant sample played that would change. Basically like changing 'kits' on a typical drum machine.
yeah would be nice , but the nerdseq wasn´t designed with that in mind (but just Thomas could say , i´m not involved , just a happy user)
i´m in the same boat in case of lacking rack space...and my system is a 24U/84HP...think i have to open the next case (hate to sell stuff) to add
the modules i´m looking fact that was the main reason get into modular , to have an ever growing machine (as slow/fast my very little money allows to)
got a picture of myself sitting surrounded by modules and cables when i´m "old" Smile
what is your system look like ?, maybe some ways to optimize...
I think a sampleset could be possible, however, i would have to add some tricks to load it in the background...

But no promises, i got a lot to do Smile
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile
Looks like this made its way in to the latest RC! Excited to try it out!!! Yall are the best.

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