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Not really a question for XOR but, rather, for forum members..

What expander are you most excited for and why?

I'll go first Smile

1st place - More CV: the second we get more functionality out of the Autotmate menu, I think we're ALL gonna need more CV outs. Envelopes and LFOs in firmware? SHEESH. MORE CV PLEASE.

Strong second place - Matrix Input: I'm not sure how it works or how I would use it but seems cool. I can see how it could make programming and playing drums more fun and "live". Hope it shows up at Superbooth!
I am excited about all the extensions. Just to clarify, the automate functions can only be routed to most of the internal functions, as it would be for example too much data on the expander bus for one or multiple LFO's to run externally.
But i don't see an issue there, you still got 12 internal outputs and many other internal functions for the 8 automator slots and you can connect them all through a modulation Matrix.

And yes, the Matrix input, as well as the Trigger and CV Expanders will show up at Superbooth!
Ohhh I see. So the More CV will be for additional note and mod CV? I guess I had imagined that the automate function would allow you to spit an LFO or envelope externally from a CV out! I've been able to create envelopes and LFOs in tables (sent externally) but it's really clunky. Looks like I'll need to hold on to my Quadra after all!
Both Trigger and CV but at the moment Triggers for real... been working on stuff and finding I use up the trigger outs/alternate routings for triggers very fast... When I first saw them I think I was for CV but right now Im feeling like gimme those triggers so I can use way more cells at one time on my Bitbox! Wink
More CV... because who couldn't use more CV?
yes , more cv first Smile
but will get all i´ll be patient
Just to clarify about all the upcoming amazing expanders:
How many of the following can we simultaneously hook up to the same Nerdseq?
  • Gate Expanders
  • Cv Expanders
  • Midi Expander
  • Matrix Input Expander
  • Synthesizer Cartridge Expanders
I know you already listed the possible combinations for cv and gate expanders, but how does that figure in with the other expanders? Thanks!
1 Midi expander which is on another port.

And up to 4 of all the other expanders, can be mixed whatever.
I would like to drive a vermona drm1 with it, so +1 for the gate expander  Smile

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