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How to reset all patterns to first step?
This seems like a very basic question but I'm not finding a good way here...

I'm breaking patterns at different lengths on each track. I want the patterns to go out of phase with each other with the different break points, and that works great, but I also want to be able to reset them all back to step 0 so they begin in sync the same as when I start from a stopped state. 

It seems that the reset input only works if an external clock is being followed, and I can't seem to find any FX that will do this. The only way I've found so far is to stop the whole sequencer and restart it. Is there a track FX that tells every pattern to start at a given row?

What am I missing?
OK i understand your issue. For now i think there is no command which could do what you want.
Something that comes in my mind is that you program a trigger to some point (regular or delayed) and use the trigger output with the reset input.

Stop a track and start again will re-sync it to the mainclock (which you can see running on top and below). But doing this by hand with all tracks is not comfortable, but it works.

What comes in my mind are new commands for the Special FX which re-syncs the current or all runnning patterns to the next mainclock reset.
Sounds easy and usable (also for the Nerd Menu interresting).
I will add it to the 2do list and it might pop up in the next version as it seem to be an easy thing to implement. Unfortunately not for the recent release.
Something in the Special FX menu would be excellent, thank you!

I didn't experiment with it much yet, but is the reset input active even when the nerdseq is set to internal clock? I can definitely work around this issue by using the reset input if that's the case.
Haha, good question. I guess not.

Let me see what i can do.
or a special fx command that sets the pattern to reset on incoming reset signal so that you can pick and choose which patterns it happens to?

since we are on the subject of reset...ive always wanted a sequencer to repeat the current position when it receives a reset, so that you kind of get a beat repeat effect, slow, fast, whatever speed or sequenced triggers just cause brief repetitions of the current step
I added Nerd menu entries and special FX commands to reset either the track or all tracks with the next mainclock zero-crossing. This will resynchronise your selection. It's already in the latest RC5.

For the external reset input, thats something for the next firmwares but not for the current RC and the coming new firmware. The reason is just that it is a bit more complicated to implement it properly and i want to make it right for all situations of course.
+1 for allowing reset to work with both internal and external clocks?

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