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gate delay
so when using the rossum electro assimil8or [a8] there is a certain mode which allows samples to be triggered in a "sliced" fashion.  when using this mode, it seems like some sequencers require a slight gate delay (winter modular eloquencer and nerdseq are the only two I have had to test).

the 01 setting for inverting the trigger does kind of work for this, however this essentially leaves the gate open.  the problem here is that the a8 has an envelope that is overridden by the length of a gate.  so if I had a very short release it doesn't matter when the gate stays open.

is there a better way to set a shorter inverted gate that isn't using 00 directly after each 01?   I read something about how KILL nnn might be used, but would this essentially be the same thing where I would need to issue a KILL command after each gate?
Exact. You set the delayed Gate and a Kill Command on the same row in the FX column.

So Trigger 01 and Kill 010 in the same row gives you a delayed trigger. Higher values for the Kill give you longer triggers.
if I have a trigger 01 and KILL 010 on the same row, will the KILL command continue to affect triggers on that track until it gets over ridden? similar to how a probability setting continues happening until it's set back to 064?
No, Kill is only one shot and 'kills' the gate, doesn't matter if it was set or what other functions applied.

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