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automator confusion
im a little confused on how the automators works.  In the referenced screenshot

[Image: yJxDee4m.jpg]

it seems like only one automator works at a time, and it ends up being the one that was most recently turned on.  The goal here was to just send individual LFOs out of each of the MOD outputs....

any help is appreciated.
Yes thats what it should do. On MOD1, MOD2 and MOD3 should be a waveform now ( don't know the settings of the other 2 LFO's, but the 3rd is definitely waving)

I just tested it again and have no problems with it.
ok, ill test this again after a fx reset. maybe I had some lingering automator value that was causing issues...

There shouldn't be any lingering automator values. If a automator is not running it is not influencing any outputs or FX values anymore.
So it was probably something else and a FX reset could help. Just good to know, FX Reset don't reset any values caused by the automators.

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