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MIDI Gate Stuck
(09-18-2018, 09:46 PM)pmarchitect Wrote: Hi,

I put a note on the Digitone with infinite length, started the sequencer, then pressed stop. It automatically sends a stop signal when you press stop - even if the sequenced midi event has not finished:

22:43:27.405 From Digitakt in 1 Clock
22:43:27.426 From Digitakt in 1 Clock
22:43:27.427 From Digitakt in 1 Note On 1 C3 100            Infinite Trig Length
22:43:27.447 From Digitakt in 1 Clock
22:43:27.468 From Digitakt in 1 Clock
22:43:28.197 From Digitakt in 1 Clock
22:43:28.218 From Digitakt in 1 Clock
22:43:28.231 From Digitakt in 1 Note Off 1 C3 0                  Automatic note off sent when sequencer stopped
22:43:28.231 From Digitakt in 1 Stop
22:43:28.239 From Digitakt in 1 Clock
22:43:28.322 From Digitakt in 1 Clock

Hey, i did some deep analysing of the Midi stream and my conclusion is that the Digitone does actually miss Note-Off messages sometimes. I don't know if it is solved with the latest Digitone firmware, but in 1.02 it is definitely wrong (not always, but often).
I am sequencing 4 channels of Midi including different note-length and many modulation wheel variations.
Here are 2 prooves of that, sniffing the Midi-Stream + Midi thru to the NerdSEQ

[Image: digitone_bug1.jpg]

One Midi off is missing and it is exactly the track that gets stuck, of course.
Later on the Note on the track gets a note on when i start the sequencer again which ends up in 2 notes on on one track.

And here again (here i filtered out the Modulation and Clock messages for a better overview):
[Image: digitone_bug2.jpg]

I get also here exactly the stuck note on the part (Track 3) where the note off missed.

So my conclusion is that not always all note-off messages are being send from the Digitone (and Digitakt as i expect) on Sequencer stop. I couldn't reproduce it with a only running sequencer yet, so i expect that this works.

I assume there is no problem with my midi-setup as i get exact the results with and without the midi interface in between.

Another thing i see is that if you press stop twice on the DigiTone fastly, it sends the Midi CC message: All sounds off. I could use that to 'resynchronise' the NerdSEQ to the DigiTone. I made a new version which will help you with that. So when you get to the stuck notes, pressing Stop twice on the DigiTone/Takt will turn all notes off on the NerdSEQ regardless of the ON state. It gets you back to a working situation. This is just a small workaround for you, will go for sure into the next version. 

I will update the DigiTone and check if it is still buggy. But that will take some days as i already mentioned.

Attached a new version with the Midi CC 'All Sounds off' message included.

Attached Files
.hex   nerdseq.hex (Size: 2,23 MB / Downloads: 1)
I actually tested again with the PC running Renoise and i get stuck notes here as well. Just FYI.

Also updated the Digitone to the latest V1.10 and it doesn't solve the problem. ( Behaviour is slightly different, but that can also just be a feeling...)
That's great thank you! This is extremely helpful and the firmware update works to solve my issue Smile
(09-19-2018, 12:13 PM)pmarchitect Wrote: That's great thank you! This is extremely helpful and the firmware update works to solve my issue Smile

Yes...i actually found out that this also doesn't work always.
To be continued...i got to cross-test this behaviour also with another setup to be 100% sure (before i open a ticket at elektron i really got and want to be sure!!!).

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