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Would this work?
1. Nerdseq’s midi out 


mutable instruments yarns 

Then to

Assimil8or or any other polyphonic sound sources?

2. Will it be possible to access the cv and triggers from the expanders via midi in?
1: Soon, but there will be also something else for that

2: What do you mean exactly? For now you can already directly play from midi to CV+trigger.
1. cool thanks/true

2. What I meant was if, the additional cv's and triggers from the upcoming expanders could be accessed by the external midi in. so say, you could control it through midi CC channels or something.

thank you
2: I am still not sure how much i can route to the expanders. While the standard functionality is guaranteed i am not sure how much of the externals and the automators can be routed to the expanders without creating any timing issues. Stable timing is most important of course.

But i will for sure test it out and see if it's usable.

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