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Sample creation software
I have been able to create my own drum samples that work beautifully in Nerdseq. However, I struggled to get to an audio file format that works with Nerdseq and none of it 16 bit.

1. To start I went with Logic Pro 10.4.2 and made some mono 8 bit and 16 bit *.wav drum samples - very short and small - none of these samples worked  Sad

2. I  exported the same samples as unsigned 16 bit *.raw using Audacity and they also failed  Sad

Failed as in: Wave file looked corrupted and upside down in the Nerdseq screen? and sounded like noise/shite. 

3. I exported the same samples as *.raw unsigned 8 bit *.raw with Audacity and used those and DaDah! all's good.  Smile

Leaving aside Audacity is doing a better job than Logic Confused - is there a best software/process we should use to create samples for Nerdseq?

The Raw format is only 8 bit unsigned.
For wave 8 and 16 bit mono/stereo are supported but some types do still make problems (as in they load but sound is noise).
Also the size is very limited. < 200kB

I can read most of the usual sample libraries and some not. It's on my list to find out whats wrong with these then.

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