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Delete the trigger when you delete a note
Hi Thomas,
One feature that I would love is when you put a note, you are able to automatically add a trigger of 40 but when you delete the note the trigger stay. Would be very cool that the trigger goes away when you delete a note [Image: 1f642.png]
Thank you for your work mate, love it ! 
I don’t think this is necessarily a workflow improvement, since there are times I want to delete the note but have the trigger stay.
Agree with Dark Barn, I usually have a few tracks that don't even use notes, only triggers. Maybe it could be a setting, like the one that creates triggers when notes are entered.
Would like this as a nerd function you could turn on/off for convenience!
Would actually be cool if there was a Clear Row function. Maybe if you hold SHIFT+DEL for 3 seconds it could delete all values (note, gate, mod, fx) for that specific row. Would save time over marking for horizonal fixes.
I would also find this useful. Maybe a Shift + double tap of Delete? Or Shift + OK + Delete? Would prefer that to a hold for 3 seconds, as if I have to wait that long, it'd be quicker to just manually delete the other columns.
I like the idea of "shift+delete" to delete a note and then another "shift+delete" to clear the trigger and a third "shift+delete" to clear the whole row.

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