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USB keyboard support?
Would love this since it would take me back to using Amiga trackers - would also help make putting in notes much quicker.

Has there been any plans to implement an expander for this? I'd buy one in an instant.  Cool
Or perhaps support for a ps/2 one instead, or allow customisable commands that rely on MIDI messages?
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USB keyboard should be no problem, but is not on top of my 2do list.
A general USB interface add-on for keyboard input and Midi I/O or perhaps even as a general purpose, multiport USB interface for the Nerdseq to talk to a computer would be great (for project management, sample management, and the like, as well as firmware updates or whatever else as an alternative to removing the sd-card). I imagine being able to use USB storage media through such a device might prove useful, as well. Additionally, USB to video adapters also exist. Obviously I don't know how doable any of this is over the Nerdseq's expansion ports, but I would certainly be more inclined to use a USB add-on if it had a multitude of functions.
NerdSEQ is not a high end computer where i can use a full fledged USB stack. I something will come some day, then it would be some external device with limites capabilities. USB video wouldn't work anyway, but probably USB-Midi and Keyboard support. But those would also be 2 different adapters. And all not on top of my 2do list.

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