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Gate re-triggering
I'm using an Intellijel Dual ADSR to open a MI Veils VCA. 
When leaving the TR column empty, everything is fine. My understanding is that the gate is quickly going OFF then ON when a new note happens so the ADSR is retriggered for each note. 

But when I alternate a note without TR info and a note with a TR value, the ADSR is note retriggered on the note with a TR value. My understanding is that a note with a TR value doesn't force the trigger to be set OFF before ON as it is with the "held" notes. 

This is critically annoying to me. 
Don't you think that the notes should always retrigger ?

i don't really get what you mean. Just for gating and triggers:
Only the Note -> sets the gate. If you want to change a note without release of the gate, then you use the KILL 000 Fx command which is often desired as well, same as new triggering. Both are desired, retriggering and not retriggering.

If TR is filled in, it overrules the auto gate settings of the note. So you can archieve every possible function by that.

Even more, some modules can't handle the fast auto gating when changing notes (without TR). So you would need to set your own retrigger anyway depending on the module.
Simple example :

make a 16 step pattern.

One C-2 on step 0, no TR filled
One C-4 on step 8, TR 40.

The C-4 on step 8 is not triggered.
Yes. Use together with the Kill command and you can archieve all you want.

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