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note names for cv fx?
Maybe I missed this and it is somewhere but it would be nice to have note names (maybe in the info line at the bottom) for the cv1-6 fx values.
Reason: I want to do paraphonic chords with just one pattern/track. Say on track 1  I put notes and gate and in the fx cv2-4 set 3 other cv outs (actually one could do 2-5 but the A-111-4 is four voice Smile  ). This would leave the patterns on tracks 2-4 for trigger duty.
(I know one can "fake" it by setting the notes on patterns on tracks 2-4 and setting 00 triggers if one sets a note but does not want to have a trigger where a note is, but it is less flexible because chord and trigger patterns are mixed so can not be started/stopped independently...)

Maybe it would be nice (and even maybe easier to implement) if one could paste a marked note column region into the fx values column (where they would be converted/displayed as the atm required hex values)?
This way one could set the notes in the notes column, copy-paste them into the fx, then change the notes in the notes column... just a thought...

Is there a table that shows the note names - hex values conversion?
I can probably make one by looking at the recent values screen, but this might get tedious. It looks like
c-0 -> 006
c#0 -> 026
D-0 -> 046
D#0 ->067
E-0 -> 087
F-0 -> 0A8
F#0 -> 0C8
G-0 -> 0E9
G#0 -> 109
A-0 -> 129
A#0 -> 14A

So the increment seems roughly 020 with a sporadic 021 step and I don't know the pattern for that until I check some more.

There won't be note names for the FX columns. While the MOD and note columns are 'smart' columns that can handle it, the FX columns are general columns which can have all kind of parameters and so show values only. I am also not planning to integrate this.

You could actually check out the values that the several notes generate. But don't count on the 20/21 example, as also calibration settings are involved here.
The soon coming CV expander will allow you to fill in many notes..more than enough for all your polyphonic desires.
Thank you for clarifying this.
While I am eagerly awaiting the expanders, my mobile skiff might not have enough space for one... we will see.

One last thought: would it be possible to show the cv values generated by a note in the status/info line at the bottom when the cursor is on a note entry (I do understand now that the values might vary from track to track due to differences in calibration)?

Anyway, thank you again for all your hard work. I'm loving this little gadget Smile


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