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Metropolis / Ryk M-185 style sequencing
Hi all,

Not sure if it's already possible but looking into the manual I don't see how.

My suggestion would be to implement a metropolis style sequencing that perfoms a certain number of repeat of that step on every clock pulse before continuing to the next step. with the folowing prameteres:

FX1: pulse/repeat count up to 8 or more per step
FX2: skip or glide per step
FX3: gate mode (hold, repeat, single or rest) per step

easy Smile what do you guys think? that would be unreal to have that.

Thanks for considering!
I've never used Metropolis, but I would love being able to repeat a step X number of times!

The FX2 and FX3 are already easily doable right?
Repeat count per step set on any FX would be possible.

The rest i don't really get, maybe you refer to NerdSEQ functions to explain what you mean. I don't know at all what the Metropolis does.
Cool! here is a great demo of the metropolis:
Looking to the video the only thing thats missing is the step repeat.
But i doubt that you get the metropolis feeling then, as the NerdSEQ has 8 tracks to play with while the metropolis got only one + direct access.

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