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Reassign Sample Tracks
Not sure if this has been suggested before. But, would it be possible to add re-assignment the sample tracks to the Expander outputs? Like, Track 7 or 8 as Sample to More Triggers 16? I'm finding myself not using the both sample tracks, while still using all six Modular tracks. I know I can kinda do that with the FX lanes, but it would be nicer, for example, to use track 7 as the matrix drum grid for the More Triggers rather than that sample track just not being used at all.

it is not planned currently and i might not add it. The main reason is that because the sample tracks act as 2x2 tracks internally and are essentially different to the other tracks . It would be quite some work to get it to be the same as the other tracks (and so usable for the expanders).

It's not a definite no, but i don't give it high chances at the moment.

I suggest to use the sample tracks more then instead ;-)
(05-02-2019, 08:01 PM)XORadmin Wrote: I suggest to use the sample tracks more then instead ;-)

No worries at all. Just using more sample stuff sounds like a much better option!!  Wink  And, good to know it's not "in the pipeline" and would be a huge change internally. So, I'm not like "oh, this might come SOOOOON!" and I can just instead work with how it is now.   Big Grin

I'm absolutely loving the Drum Matrix view for the More Triggers 16 track, btw! Thank you so much for that!!

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