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Batch convert samples to 8bit
I'd like to convert a lot of wav files at once to raw 8bit.
Is there a free tool which is easy to use or maybe a batch script for sox?
(10-24-2017, 06:56 PM)Mooko Wrote: Switch

Thank you! That works
Why should you?
Nerdseq can read 8/16 bit (soon higher resolutions) wavefiles in stereo and mono in 44100khz.

Anyway, i use always winamp for it Smile
why.. i think it was you who suggested that somewhere, but i didnt know it can read wav.
after a treatment of your bitcrusher it wouldnt much of a difference sonically Wink
Earlier versions couldn't handle wavefiles correctly but i think since 1.02 it is fine.
Used the switch software and batch converted some sample source samples to 44100 8bit raw and it works like a charm thanks.

Also tested open source sox commands in cygwin and it rocks as well here is one command used to convert a samples folder to 8bit 44100 wav files with normalisation to -1db:

mkdir out.44k8
find . -maxdepth 1 -name "*.wav" | while read filename; do ~/c/prog/sox-14.4.2/sox.exe --no-dither "$filename" --bits=8 ./out.44k8/"$filename" --norm=-1 rate 44100; done;

one can adapt the script for various rates like this for chip tune 8bit 8khz:

mkdir out.8k8
find . -maxdepth 1 -name "*.wav" | while read filename; do ~/c/prog/sox-14.4.2/sox.exe --no-dither "$filename" --bits=8 ./out.8k8/"$filename" --norm=-1 rate 8000; done;

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