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New FX: Trig&CV prob

I tried to be diligent in searching for current requests and also figuring out if there's an easy workaround, but: 

I think having an FX type that affects the probability of both the gate and CV in a given step happening would be great.

You can, of course, have PRTR and PRCV, but they aren't interdependent. As I described elsewhere:

I’m looking for a ”note probability”, in a MIDI sense – if a gate doesn’t happen, the CV change shouldn’t happen – and vice versa. I’d like to prevent both:

* Pitch shifts without an envelope (probability prevents gate, but not CV change) and
* Retriggering of the same note (probability prevents CV change, but not gate).

Hope i managed to explain it!

Yes we need this!!!

It is unusable to have CV and TRIG probability different.
This would be great!
PROW in the 1.22 firmware does the whole sequencer row, to include cv and trig

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