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Logical operators as conditions
Hi people!

I know this is a big request, also it may not be possible to implement...
But it would be amazing so i have to ask!

I am thinking that it could be extremely powerfull to have an fx to compare booleans with logic operators and to use them as conditions.
I imagine we could have 16 booleans from 0 to f.
One command to flip the booleans value and an other one to compare them together.(switch and if)

If the condition is false then the next fx colums are bypassed.

|     fx1   |    fx2  |    fx3   |    fx4   |
| ptch050| if 1&3 | gl 020  |  sw--1 |

In this case the pitch effect would always apply, but the glide effect would apply only if "1" and "3" are true.
(the "sw" command would switch "1" to false and the condition will not apply until "1" become true again).

This way we could create some nice interactions between channels, as they would all share the same booleans.

Four operators should be enough to cover all the cases:

1&3  AND: true if both booleans are true
1~3  NOT: true if both booleans are false
1|3  OR:  true if at least one is true
1^3  XOR: true if both are different

It would allow counting number of times a pattern has been played, for example:
|     fx1   |    fx2  |    fx3    |  fx4  |
| ptch050| if 1^3 | gl 020  |         |
| sw 001 |           |            |         |
In this case the glide would apply once every two cycles but we can use more bolleans to make it happens every 3 or 4 times.

The switch command should be able to force a boolean to become true or false but also to flip it to the opposite state.

Maybe something like this:

sw --1 would flip the value of "1"
sw f02 would flip the value of "f","0" and "2"
sw 1=0 would make "1" to become false
sw 1=1 would make "1" to become true

Then it would be super fun and usefull to have a screen where we can manually switch the booleans on the fly.
I imagine a screen with 16 small squares(one for each boolean) empty or filled depending of the boolean state.
And we could navigate through to switch them on and off.

Sorry if its a bit confusing, i tried to explain it the best as i can!
Welcome and it doesn't sound confusing to me.

Actually i have something on my mind which would most probably cover what you want to do, but then much more. Might not be too soon since it is very special and very advanced (your idea is also) and surely not for the common user, but it is something i have in mind since the begin so it will be there at some point.
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile
Thank you for welcoming me!

Very glad to learn that you are planning something in this direction, as i know is no trackers yet that have this kind of possibilities. 
Being able to program interactions between different tracks would be really awsome.

Looking forward to see what you have in mind!
Great idea.
this appeals to me greatly!

if there was some way to also use it for trigger 16 outputs.... that would be drum heaven

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