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Patterns to change at sync point regardless of where they are in their pattern
I use Nerdseq mainly to control a lot of other sequencers, sending clocks and resets out to them. 

I really need the ability for the patterns to ignore where they are in their own patterns and all change together at the sync point when asked to. Is this possible? am I missing something?

I have a pattern with 16 steps, and a pattern with 15 steps. When I select a new row I would like them both to start from row 0 on the sync point. at present, the patterns finish their patterns entirely before changing.

Thank you in advance.
You can use the Sync Track function which synchronizes the track at the zero-cross of the sequencer.
And you could also try to press OK on the pattern length option which will synchronize your track directly to the current mainclock position (with even groove settings and straight clock only).
PLEASE use the search function if something have been asked or discussed before.
Every (unnessesary) forum support means less time to develop! But of course, i am here to help!  Smile
yes the sync track works but not in the context that I'm using the sequencer at the moment.

Having different islands of patterns playing "sections" of the song, and switching between various ones to build up my arrangement. the problem with the sync track command is that to have it occur at the correct time, I need to trigger it before the next island of patterns starts, which I don't always know as I'm jamming the arrangement live.

I've tried a few ways to do this, but can't get it working exactly how I hoped (triggering a row jumps straight to beat 1 of all patterns in the row, without finishing their pattern if necessary).
not sure how easy to add this would be (if possible at all) but an option for both ways of working would be awesome.

The new way would certain save me having to buy an Expert Sleepers ES-9 and Ableton just for triggering my clocks and resets. I could pick up 2 Trigger 16 expanders instead Smile I'd very much like to keep this all in rack if possible.
Could something like the Track Resync feature be applied automatically once a new row is manually selected using SHIFT + START?

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