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lauchpad ideas - sequence playback features for performance
This might be a big request, but two features i'd like to see on the launchpad. 

With performance in mind, these are things that could be applied while a sequence is running, to make changes on the fly. this might have to be a separate "mode" than the regular step entry mode, depending on how it would need to be implemented. 

1) use the lauchpad to set first and last step of a sequence. 

Ideally how this would work is that you would hold down the step you want to be step 1 and while its healed down, press the step you want to be the last step. then, when you let go, the sequence will play between those two steps.  

so say you have a 64 step sequence playing.  you could change the playback to play between any two steps within the sequence (example- hold down step 17 on lauchpad, then press step 20. when you let go the sequence will only play through steps 17-20.  you could then do the same action an a different two steps in the 64 step sequence and it will then play those upon release).

2) use the launchpad to select specify steps to cycle through (like arpeggiation).

This would let you select the steps to be played back (skipping other steps).

I would imagine it working like this-
press one of the function buttons (outside of the 64 step grid) and hold it. then press the steps with in the 64 step grid which you want the sequence to play. then when you let go of the function button, the sequence will only play those steps. 

feature 2 might be a little more difficult to implement, but even just having feature 1 added to the lauchpads features would be huge. it would be a great way to quickly manipulate sequences in real time live. I think it would be a lot of fun and be very useful.   they way i imagined them workin could be changed, what i explained was just the best way it would make sense to me. 

just brainstorming here- 
maybe how this could work is that there could be an extra FX option called step takeover or something that would force the nerdseq to only only play steps with that have that fx applied, and the methods descried above would be would be how you could use the lauchpad to apply those fx to the steps to achieve the two different function requests i mentioned.  or the functions would do the opposite,  it would automatically apply a 'skip step' fx to all the steps outside of what you selected with the methods i mentioned to achieve the same result?

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