New Firmware V1.24

Another Firmware update has been release which adds again many new features and fixes.

Here are most of the changings / additions:

  • Added Random Ranges screen which contains a set of 16 different random ranges from 0 – 100%.  (press OK on any random value to get to the screen)
  • Enhanced the regular random FX functions (Random next FX). These can now be assigned with a range. Beside the random next FX, the random function can be completely enabled for FX columns, so it stays on and all FX values are being randomized within the selected ranges.
  • Overrule FX values such as from random, automators and others are now scaled to the real function values. So for example if you have an envelope FX which can be 4 digits and the first 2 digits select the envelope number and attack, then only the last 2 digits are overruled within it’s min/max values.
  • Added Random Value for Notes and MOD. These can be randomized now also by one of the selected ranges. (toggle with Shift+OK till you reach R x or RNx. R x selects a random pitch and RNx selects a random note within the selected range.)
  • Performance improvements if many functions are running at the same time
  • Added view of patternlength on sequencerscreen
  • Added Skip playing FX when editing. So the FX you are busy with is being skipped for playing until you leave the FX column again. (Can be enabled/disabled in the Setup screen). Works with FX from patterns and tables.
  • Added FX selector (FX Selekta)  which opens a FX list with all effects for this tracktype. (press OK on the Fx command column on pattern screens or tables)
  • Fix for clock divider/multipliers. If a track was stopped and started later it syncs well with the others.
  • Added force clock function so the set clock FX can be forced immediately (if first digit it set to 1) and not only after the pattern is ready. Works now also with applying a new clock in the first row directly.
  • Added ADD/SUB/MUL/DIV FX functions. This adds, subtracts, multiplies or divides with a value to the last played FX and plays the FX again. This can be with and without overflow. For example, if the last playing FX2 was MOD 005. The command with ADD 040 to FX2 adds then the 40 to the 005 and a new MOD plays with 045. Another add would play a 085 etc… Same for Mul, also last was MOD 005, now Multiply with 2 and the result is 10(A) which is being played…go on and you get an exponential curve. Multiplies and divisions have a 0.1 digit resolution. Funny to add for a sample offset to get cool timestreched samples (use the ADD in tables to have it run faster).
  • Added Midi column overrule channels for note columns 2,3,4. A midi track has 4 columns and each column can sequence it’s own midi channel now (yes up to 4 midi-synthesizers/drumsynths sequenced from one track). The polyphonic settings for the midi channels stay for columns that are not overruled by another channel.
  • Updated and fixed sega gamepad readout which should work now for most compatible gamepads with all buttons. I can’t guarantee for all clones, but all that I could get my hands on work fine now.
  • Fixed midi problem with channel aftertouch input
  • Added 11 point calibration and precision for CV/MOD outputs. If you got a good precise voltmeter (and I’m not talking about the 50 euro multimeters or in-rack) you can set more calibration points now for a slightly more precise calibration. There is no new calibration needed, it all converts automatically to stay as it was. The same added for the CV16 expander (firmware for that one following).
  • Fixed table issue if table source is the FX Tick and if it is on the same row
  • Added new ratcheting and random functions for the local triggers. Values in the trigger column bigger than E0 got a special function now for even and odd ratcheting, random triggers, random ‘ratches’, random gates based on the random ranges.
  • Updated the launchpad functions so mini and MK2 would work well again
  • Added euclidean features and trigger shifting with the launchpad
  • Added SPFX sync to mainclock command
  • Refactoring of the statusbar view. Added now all missing details to the stausbar in the patternscreens, table and patch screen and some other little beauty fixes
  • Changed toggle note value (SHIFT+OK) behaviour. The originial value is now also selecteable with this
  • Added toggle function on table (SHIFT+DELETE). Toggles between — and **
  • Added program change to midi control presets (former Midi CC FX) ( = program change from FX + channels possible)
  • Added random midi velocity from random ranges
  • Fixed sample playing/gating through CV inputs
  • Added sample triggering through CV inputs
  • Updated the LFO ranges so it allows finer amplitudes
  • Added scrolling for sample patterns
  • Table edit fix so the current table doesn’t switch to another while editing
  • Added notes in the CV and MOD FX for a modular track (also for tables and patches)
  • Fixed some wrong chords
  • Added function to either record/play from Midi CC#1 or from velocity into the MOD column / outputs.
  • Added Track follow Midi playing/recording. So the selected Midi Channel will play/record into the selected track (either the column on which it is on the sequencer screen or in the pattern)
  • Added up to 6 voice Polyphonic Midi recording/playing also into regular CV/Gate tracks.
  • Added Gate as automator destination for CV/Gate tracks
  • Added OK Button to open sample-load screen on sample column
  • Fixed Sample BRK repetitions
  • Audio Tracks 7 and 8 can now also be used for either Midi or the Expanders

Check the discussion here:

As usual the updates are free and can be either downloaded (including the updated manual) from the forum discussion or the NerdSEQ page: