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Nerdsynth demo

Hey there, Check out the demo on Soundcloud (and while you’re at it, follow us there too!) The demo was made using only the N3rdsyn7h. More soon! :)

Nerdsynth: The big picture

Today, we want to tell you guys something about what we have in mind for Nerdsynth. All in all, there’s a shitload of functionality that we want to include. We have had many great ideas, a lot of “maybe we should focus on the other stuff first”-moments and a few bits of “we reallyreallyreally need […]

What have we been up to?

People asked us if we were still working on Nerdsynth. People pleaded us to “plz build thz..” or told us “u muzt make it or elz..”. So we guessed a little heads up was long overdue. And a little heads up is exactly what you’re going to be getting today. Anyway, here’s what we’ve been […]