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Full Version: Program change on alternate MIDI channel
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I would love to be able to send (in the FX column) a Program Change message out on a different MIDI channel than that chosen for the track (as can be done with CC).  

Use case scenarios:

- I want to choose a user-recorded loop on my Hologram Microcosm pedal using PC, but otherwise do not need to dedicate a track to this pedal.  While playing multiple songs during a performance, this would be so useful, as opposed to manually dialing it in each time.  

- To choose presets or recorded sequences on my Novation Summit (playing monophonically) or Mother 32, when those instruments are not the main MIDI channel (i.e. when I'm using the amazing new MIDI overrule capability to sequence multiple mono voices/synths on one track)

At this point the NERDSEQ can control most of my setup, which is amazing.  So much more joy when coming up with ideas, than firing up Ableton...