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Full Version: Note indicator in sequencer screen does not reflect transpose
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Hi forum,

the note indicator on the right hand side of the sequencer screen does show the note per track. However it does not take any tansposition into account but displays the note as it is in the note column of the pattern. I realized that while playing with transpose and to verify my transpose works I had two almost identical pattern playing side by side. Only difference was on pattern had a simple transpose table applied and the other didn't. They sounded differently (i.e. the transposition worked) but the indicator showed identical notes.

Is that intentional or a bug?
Of course I see use cases for both Smile

Therefor (and unless I overlooked it):
Could we have that as a configurable setting (e.g. "display note as entered"/"display effective note")?

Kind regards,
I think I just forgot to update the indicator.