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Full Version: What is the Best Practice w/r to using the CV16 LFOs (and Envelopes)?
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If I understand it correctly the CV16 NSA comes with its own 8 LFOs and 8 Envelopes. What is the suggested way to access these?
And which LFOs/Envelopes are configured by the Automator Screen?
Those of the NerdSEQ Main Module?

I'm aware that I could program the CV16 LFOs by using FX (e.g. by having a dedicated "setup pattern" that's setting these things). Is there another way?

In other words:
If I had 4 CV16 NSA my understanding is that I could have a total of 40 different LFOs and 40 different Envelopes (incl. the NerdSEQ Main Module). Correct?
Is there a nice and comprehensive way to access/program all of these?

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Yes, the automators are own LFO generators, not related to the CV16 expander but for local stuff (though you can manipulate the CV16 stuff as well in different ways with it).
The local envelopes are also not related to the CV16.

You can just change the values of each Envelope and LFO in the setup screen. This is being saved with the project.
You just need to start these once and it depends of course on yourself and your 'tracks' on how to start these. Either from the CV16 columns or from the FX parts.
You can't start everything in one go, but everything should be able to start within 2 steps which you could just start once in your project.

Of course 40 envelopes or LFO are a bit overkill...realistically you would only use a few and with envelopes you use them from time to time which is best visible from the 6 CV16 columns of course.
40 Envelopes and LFOs is probably a bit overkill, but I'm currently playing with a patch that in the end will use 12 Sample & Hold (LFOs on Random or Noise) and 4 LFOs on Sine or Triangle all at different Frequencies. I'm quite pleased that I can get these from my NerdSEQ Setup Smile