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Full Version: Modwheel to MOD output?
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I'm using the Nerseq IO-Expander and Firmware v1.24.1. My midi controller is an Arturia Keylab 88 MKII.

I'm trying to assign the MIDI Modwheel input messages or MIDI Velocity input messages on a specific channel to a MOD output (on any track of the nerdseq) and can't find the way to do so. I found in the "modular setup" menu a setting called Midi -> MOD with two possible values: CC#1 and Velocity. Neither of them seems to be working and I can't figure out why...

Pitchbend and midi note/trigger are working perfectly. I can monitor the Modwheel/Velocity messages in another midi receiving device.

Any help?
Hmmm. My mod wheel is normaled to the mod output for all my modular tracks. Works like a charm. You can switch it between mod wheel and velocity per track I believe. I recommend checking the midi channels in the project menu again. This should totally work. Sorry I’m not much more help.

and in the latest release candidate:

- fixed midi issue for velocity/mod recording on other tracks than 1
I'll try the latest RC and keep you posted here