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Full Version: Recording issues
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I have track 1 set up with tables generating an interesting note sequence with a very basic gate pattern alternating between one step on and one step off.

I've patched the CV and trigger outs into input 1 and 2 respectively.

In the project menu I've gone into Input/record setup and set input 1 to record CV 2 - Note and inout 2 to record GATE 2. Live input is set to ON.

On track 2 I've created a new pattern and am recording into that. But what arrives is nowhere near what was being played by track 1. All notes are set to 0 in the octave range and about 1 out of every 4 gates is recorded. 

Am I doing something wrong, or are my expectations of the nerdseq unrealistic?
Last stable version? Inputs calibrated well? Inputs only 0 to 10 volts?
As the manual mentions the unit is factory calibrated and I would proper equipment to adjust, I've never touched calibration.
I'm afraid I don't understand the last question. I don't recall ever having adjusted any settings related to my inputs.
Directly below the CV and Gate jack columns there are switches. If the switch is flipped to the left the corresponding output is -5V - +5V. If it is flipped to the right it is 0V - +10V
Ah, the question is what voltages are entering the inputs.

The CV switch is left -(5V - +5V) and the Gate is right (0V - +10V)
On page 101 of the manual it says (maybe somewhat indirectly) that the Inputs are 0-10V. If you wish to record your CV Out you may wish to set the outputs to 0-10V as well.
Did you ever update the firmware?

If you updated from some older version than 1.22 then you need to recalibrate your inputs once.
Anyway, try to calibrate the inputs again (with the offset switches to the right) and be sure after that that you only record values higher than 0 volt.

The auto input calibration needs only 4 patch cables and 1 minute of your time. No other equipement needed for it.