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Full Version: MIDI retrigger effect
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Any plans to include this? Would be very useful for my amen-ing.  Cool Might be an issue with MIDI note offs?
I would love to see this too... I'm using nerdseq with the 2hp midi expander controlling a bitbox micro, and that would be so incredibly useful to have retriggers and ratchets for midi notes... I hope it can happen in a future update!
I think it should be part of the tables. The table collumn does already exist, but is not possible to use yet in MIDI (and More CV) mode. But I guess its coming sooner or later.
(10-26-2021, 08:18 AM)Paranormal Patroler Wrote: [ -> ]Isn't this the same topic? https://xor-electronics.com/forum/showth...p?tid=1020

Yup pretty much, that is why I commented on both yesterday to bump them back to the front page...  

I didn't want to add yet another post asking for the same thing (I realize that is not helpful), but I also didn't want the two posts I saw (after reading every page of feature requests) that mentioned it to get lost in the shuffle...
Two parallel posts requesting effectively the same isn't helpful. It uses up resources.