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Full Version: Q re Envelopes on CV16
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I have a question regarding the 8 Envelopes of the CV16 expander.

The short form of the question is:
Are the envelopes basically parameter sets that (pre)define 8 different envelopes that I can freely use on all 16 CV outputs [answer A] or are they 8 actual envelope entities that can't be used independently on more than one CV output each [answer B]?

Longer form:
Track 1 is assigned to NSA1 which is a CV16.
Lanes 1-6 of track one are assigned to CV01-06 of NSA1 (CV16).
Let's assume the following pattern
        1      2      3     4      5      6
00  C-4  ^11  E-4  ^11  G-4  ^11
01  --     ^12  --     --      --     --
02  D-4  ^11  --     ^12  --     --
03  --     ^12  F-4   ^11  --     ^12
04  E-4  ^11  --     --      A-4   ^11
05  --     ^12  --     ^12   --     --
06  E-4  ^11  G-4  --       --     --
07  --     ^12  --     ^12   --     ^12

Will the envelopes of lanes 2, 4 and 6 work independently from one another [answer A] (because they are in fact 3 different envelopes that "only" use the same settings [those of envelope 1]) or is envelope 1 one physical (virtual) envelope that is constantly released and (re)started by all 3 lanes [answer B]?

My experiments seem to indicate they are independent and thus I think it is answer A. But I'd like to know.
Maybe it is neither answer A nor answer B but something different [answer C].

Not sure I made myself clear. Please ask and I'll try to explain better.

A corolary of this question relates to the buildin LFOs. For those I think the correct answer is B.

Kind regards,

See it like this. 8 different envelope settings and each can be used independently on each output and also on multiple outputs independently.
Same for LFO‘s.
That is much better than I thought Smile

I had hoped it would be A but feared it might be otherwise.

Much appreciated Big Grin

Kind regards,