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Full Version: CV16: Link/sync LFO to another CV16 lane
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Hi Nerds,

on the CV16 I would like to be able to link an LFO to another modulator lane (of the same CV16). With link I mean that the LFO in question should restart whenever the other modulator (namely an Envelope) goes through an attack by means of one of ^x0, ^x1 or ^x3 (x being an envelope 1-8). In the same context I'd like to add a configurable Delay to that LFO and possibly some Glide for the Amplitude (the Amplitude shall glide from 0 to the selected maximum).

The use case is to create some form of smooth vibrato.

I'm not sure the available parameter space for an LFO allows for such functionality but I thought I'd at least ask Smile

Kind regards,