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Full Version: Polyphonic CV/Gate track
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OK, no one is posting tricks so far, so let me add one to get things started.

You want to sequence multiple notes but spreading this though multiple tracks or achieve this via the FX or patches is not your thing (though many ways are possible) and you don't have the CV16 expander.
Here is a quite nice and easy way to get there with the stock NerdSEQ (no expanders needed, not only the fixed chords functions).

Set the track to be a Midi track. You get the 4 midi columns now. The trick is that you can also sequence the CV/MOD/Trigger outputs from these Note columns and no Midi is involed at all.

Lets take the most silly chord in the western world: C - E - G with the use of one gate
In the Note columns you would fill in these notes and in the velocity columns of each you define the destination of this note. (Press SHIFT+OK in the velocity column to get to other destinations than midi velocity, browse through them with the regular increase/decrease control).
The note C would get a 'A1' in the velocity column which means gate on. (the current track is being used)
The other notes would be set to CV1..6 or MOD1..6 without the gate function.
A note off would be A0 then in the column where the 'A1' was.

You could use also one midi track to trigger up to 4 Trigger/Gate outputs directly = use it as a basic drum track.

They are more functions in there. Maybe this opens up new possibilities for you that you were not aware of.