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Full Version: *SOLVED* BPM changing on pattern start
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I have a song set to 140 however sometimes, when I'm triggering a new pattern to start, it will set it back to 128. I checked that there were no BPM FX anywhere. It's happened multiple times in the same file with different patterns. So weird..
Are you sure that there is no hidden bpm fx or in a patch?
Please send the file so i can check it.
I never heared of that issue before so i assume it must be that.
I'll triple check again tonight and send you the file! Thanks Smile
Problem found!

It is in the patch. There the tempo is being set to 128. And the reason it seem to occour randomly to you is that the FX and patches recognize which values they changed the last and if the value is different from the one they set before then it will be changed only.

So go to your patches 00, 01 and 02 and go to the tempo row, press shift+delete and your problem is solved here.

However, i got to update the part where new patches are created because Tempo should be a value that is initialized as 'no change' value. Now it is initalized as tempo 128 when a new patch is created.

Update for this will follow today.
Solved in V1.14.
It will also fix your project automatically so all is cool again and you can go on with 140 BPM!
Aha! Got it! That really confused me as it would change when I couldn't see any tempo fx in the fx columns. Thanks for the help and glad to see the change!