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Full Version: Probability features
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knowing from Elektron sequencers there is a feature called last probability that you can set for single steps. it doesn't make its own probabilistic decision but just takes the one that (may) have happened before.

a step which has set last probability only fires a trigger/changes the value if the probabilistic decision that happened before was 'true'.
last probability works within a track, but there is also a neighbouring probability which does the same but looks at another track (from track n to track n-1 for elektron machines?) for that last decision. would be even cooler if it could look at a specific track.

with this you can have groups of events that either happen all together or dont.
i understand the group function but not why it should depend on another tracks probability. Also they are several probability functions per track which might make it more difficult.

It might take a while until i implement it, if ever.....
it can look at the other tracks last decision if you want it to, to make sounds or effects interact this way but thats just the second part of the feature in the case of this elektron sequencer and not essential, only an extension to the other part.
having this decision-that-happened-before in a track at hand is the base i guess. wouldnt that just be a flag for each probability type per track that gets updated each time a decision with a probability lower than 64 for this type was made? that seems so easy as long as i have no glue what that means to you and your code ;-)

take a while is just fine btw Smile
had an idea about this:
you'd need a new FX command to set a global boolean value with a given probability and then make PRTR 1xx-Fxx address this global decision.
now we have PRTR 000-064 which would work as before - it makes a new decision for every trigger with the given probability.

PRTR 100 .. use the global value nr.1. it plays a trigger if nr.1 is true.
PRTR 101 .. use an inverted version of nr.1.
the new command PRGL? 100 to 164 updates nr.1 once with the given probability.

you could have a drums on track 1 use a probability based on one global value, update this value maybe next to each trigger and make track 2 play another drum alternatively using the same global value but inverted.
Would it be possible to implement x:x probability? For example, 4:4, where the fx happens every 4th loop of the pattern.