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Full Version: Input/Output Expander Availability
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Will this be available again for individual sale: "Input/Output Expander for the NerdSEQ, adds Midi I/O and the ability to connect a Sega Gamepad"?  I see it's only bundled with current NerdSEQ purchases but would be nice if for sale again individually.
Yes, i just received the missing frontpanels and after i checked them i will add some stock again. I will post a note here.
Sorry for the delay!
Great news!! Thanks for the update since I plan on picking up!
Bad news is that i only have aluminium io-expander frontpanels at the moment. I got to return the black panels to the manufacturer because they were not good. But when one orders a bundle i offer to send a aluminium panel in the first place and send the black panel afterwards when i receive them. So people can get started.
Just ordered the Aluminum IO-Expander!!!  Thanks for the re-stock!!  Big Grin