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Full Version: NerdSEQ Midi implementation early preview
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Just implemented the first Midi sequencing basics. Far away from being ready, but it works and it is already instant fun!

Yes! Can't wait for this!
Well done Thomas - I'm dusting off the Roland XV 5050 in anticipation!
Absolutely ace. Can't wait for it. this gonna be an absolute game changer. Nerseq rules!
I'm so ready for this!! *dusts off SP202*
My Tetra get ready....
I did’t even knew that there was plans for MIDI-sequencing with NerdSeq, YAY!!!

Any change to get access for early beta? 8)

cheers, johnny

Just stopped by to say hi and wanted to know how the midi is coming along Smile

Please be patient! There is a lot of work to do for me, and Midi is one of them.
I am busy with the framework which allows the expanders and midi to be integrated in the tracks. And once i got that, the expanders will come first and then Midi.
I just had a quick question: I have a device in which I require sequencing control monophonically over six midi channels with the additional availability of polyphony on channel 1. Would Nerdseq be able to make good use of such a device when Midi sequencing is implemented as it stands in planning or development?
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