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Full Version: Dumb question...
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Feeling a bit like an idiot, but i was not able to find the answer in the new manual....

How the heck could i access midi tracks patterns? Well found the track assign menu... and assigned some midi tracks in the song screen... but i just can't create a new patter (the field remain blank [--])...
Also tried to scroll to right as mentionned in the manual when talking about various midi page.. no luck..
I assume that there is a button combination or other esotheric move.

Any help highly recommended !
Not a dumb question but easy as 1.2.3...

1: You assign a track to Midi (Track assign, set it to midi and go down and SET)
2: In the sequencer screen you go to that track and just create a new pattern like any other by pressing OK
3: You go to the pattern screen and there you are, a track only dedicated to Midi.

And also on the sequencer screen, open the Nerd Menu (SHIFT+NERD) and choose track setup, there you can change all track settings for the midi stuff.

So a midi track just behaves like all other tracks. No (and never) special combinations etc. Just all the regular stuff to create, edit and access.
it appears that the second step was not working yesterday... had a bit of noodling and played with the sd card, so i made a couple of soft reset.
So, on the second step, pressing ok to create a new pattern on the track... it did not work.
I will give it a try tonight.

Just for mentionning, and because i think the problem lies here, the project i'm currently working on was created previous to the update...
Did you maybe run out of patterns?
Old projects should be regulary compatible with the new version.
no... i guess not... or perhaps.... i have a bad habit.... Smile
I've created a blank project in wich i've generated blank patterns in advance, in order for them to match the number of my tracks

Like from 10 to 1F on the track 01, 20 to 2F on the track 2, and so on.

Would be the problem.

So if it is, i have to use the compact fonction?
Yes exactly.

But still, would be interresting anyway if this is the problem or not.
Ok, that was it, i've created a pattern for my midi track Wink

I was not dumb... Just double dumb Big Grin