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Full Version: Auto load most recent project (or a template) on start up
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First up, just want to say what an excellent module this is. Only had it a couple of weeks and still have lots to discover, but it's already a favourite. As great as it is though, I do have some little suggestions.... I've been going through what's already posted to try and avoid duplicating anything that's already been mentioned, apologies if I miss anything though!

Ok, so first thing that I wish for every time I turn my system on is anĀ option to either autoload the last saved song, or to load a default "template" song on start up. I have Nerdseq at the heart of a 7U live/improvising case, and it would really smooth out my workflow to have it boot into a track specially set up ready to go. I know it would only save me 5 button taps every time I start up, but it would be a nice addition and something I'm used to taking advantage of in Renoise.
You are new so you are excused.

This function is already integrated. SETUP-> AUTOLOAD last saved project

Yeah, I'm definitely new..... I didn't even realise the setup menu scrolled! Smile
i'm not new and i didnt know that either! thanks to both of you. :-)