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Full Version: Firmware Update Information
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This is a repeat of what's already in the manual, but for those of us who are too lazy to find it, or couldn't find the google docs invite buried in their email (like me), the process is as follows.


1 ) Download new firmware.  .HEX file.  (as of this posting, the file is not compressed) Depending on the browser you might need to download it using the 'right mouse button' or CMD button and choose ' save as' to save the file. Be sure it is named 'nerdseq.hex', some browsers want to add a '.txt' behind it, remove that if thats the case.

2 ) Copy the firmware .HEX file to the MicroSD card in the folder called "firmware".  so, SDCARDNAME:\firmware\nerdseq.hex  (you may need to overwrite an existing version here if it is already present on your card.)

3 ) If wanted, Power off your module either by unplugging it or turning off your case power supply

4 ) Insert the MicroSD card into the card slot on the NerdSeq with the writing on the card facing toward the display. 

5 ) Hold the following three keys in a three finger salute.  SHIFT - COPY - CURSOR UP

6 ) Turn on power to the module while continuing to hold the three keys above ( Or when turned on: Go to the Setup screen, Enable Debug and use the Soft-Reset function below, then Press buttons from #5)

7 ) The bootloader menu will now appear and you may now release all held keys.  When prompted, press SHIFT again to confirm upload of new firmware (check if it detects the new wanted firmware to be flashed before).

8 ) Do not interrupt the process by either turning off the module or removing the MicroSD card.  A progress bar will be displayed showing how far along the flashing process is.

9 ) When complete (100%), the unit will prompt you to press the SHIFT key again to reboot into the newly installed firmware version.


If the update was interruped for some reason. No Panic. Just try again and it will be fine.
Also in some cases it will show an error in the Firmware upgrade screen. Be sure that the SD card is inserted well, maybe eject and insert again and retry. Also in some cases it shows an error in the first place, keep holding the three keys until it tries again. If all is fine, it will work for sure on the 2nd try.
If it says 'No valid drive handle' or something like this then the firmware is most probably not put correctly on the SD Card. Check then if 'nerdseq.hex' is in the firmware folder.