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Full Version: Transpose selection in "Mark" mode with shift and cursor keys
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I noticed that shift and up, down, left and right don't do anything currently in "Mark" mode. Not sure about anyone else but I'd REALLY like to be able to use shift UP/DOWN on a selection in mark mode to transpose the selected notes +/- an octave, and shift LEFT/RIGHT to do the same in semitones.
I believe this is on the 2do list, but +1
Not on the 2do list yet but might be a candidate. Still got to figure out if there is something more interresting for the shift/updownleftright in mark mode.
You can use the Nerd button for all transpose settings of marked parts already...just in case you don't know that yet.
+1! this sort of batch editing was essential in my LSDJ workflows, and was definitely how I expected nerdseq to behave.

i didn't know about the transposition of marked content via the nerd menu though - good to know there is a way to do this regardless
This was actually behavior that I expected when I first wanted to transpose multiple entries at once, so +1 on my part.