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Full Version: recording strange FX column into midi track
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It happens often that there appears STSP for channel 1 in the FX column. Not on all steps but on quite many of them. 

It happends when recording simple midi notes into nerdSeq via midi into MIDI channel (I use channel 4). 
(there should be just midi notes and midi clock in the midi line)

I also record into channel 2 via MIDI which is normal CV channel and there it does NOT do the same problem.

Also in the MIDI screen the MARK feature does not work for FX columns so it is not that easy to delete all of those.
OK, i got to check this. Midi recording into midi tracks gets an update anyway in the next version to be able to record up to 4 voices polyphonic.
Same for the mark, i got to check this.
amazing! I need that polyphonic recording! thank you
OK i checked your issues and can confirm both.
The values appear because of CC values which you seem to send as well. They are actually put into the wrong column in the midi channel. Regular note only recording works well.

Next is a drawing issue when marking the FX values. If you remember where your marking started, you can still do all you need to do.

Both issues will be fixed in the next version.