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Full Version: More than 8 chars for Project names
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Could we please have more than 8 characters to name Projects? I've got a bunch of cryptic abbreviations that I don't remember what they mean from 1 week to another. There’s lots of room on the Load Project screen for longer names.

I think the only other place that the Project name appears is on the Sequencer screen, and that space looks like it is limited to 8 characters, but you could just truncate the name and add 3 dots (…) at the end. If that made it too ambiguous, the user can just hop back to the Project screen where the full name of the current project is displayed at the top for reference.

Maybe something in the range of 15-20 chars? Is this possible?

Also, a way to organize the files on the Load Project screen would be nice. At least alphabetical order.
Longer filenames are easy possible, but 3 dots or something like this is not a good idea for the sequencer screen. Maybe a truncated filename then only limited to 8 characters of course.
Alphabetical order has been requested before and there i also describe why this is not possible.
You got to sort your project files and samples on the sd card yourself.
Can I bump this please?

Hard to believe that I'm the only one who feels like 8 chars for file names is just not enough. Even after only 20-30 files it gets to be a mess of unintelligible abbreviations for me, and lots more than that is just ridiculous to manage.

I see another thread asking for a notes section, which of course would be luxurious. But in lieu of that, a 15-20 char filename would make things much easier to remember when coming back to a file some days or weeks later.

Thanks again for considering this!
I looked into it already and normally being easy to implement, i ran against at least one issue and that is autoloading the last project. I only reserverd a limited amount of characters for the project file in the eeprom to autoload, so that would have to be worked around for future versions.
Please understand that it will still take a while until i get into it. Loads of other things to do before.
Thanks a lot for your patient reply to my insistent request! I'll just continue using paper notes, and look forward to maybe seeing this as a future enhancement.