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Full Version: Auto fill in trigger -> auto delete triggers + delete patterns when playing
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Not sure if this has been covered anywhere else or whether other users might hate it, but I am always getting tricked when using the auto fill in trigger function: 
it works great as intended but when I delete a note it would be great if the trigger was deleted too. 
Almost every time I forget to do this and wonder why things are still triggering when I know I've got rid of notes.
Perhaps an "auto delete in trigger" in the setup menu?

The second thing is would it be possible to delete patterns while playing? We can delete notes which is great but it's a pain to have to stop everything so a pattern can be deleted.
Again this might be covered elsewhere or other users might have good reasons to not have this implemented, but an option for this would be fantastic.

Thanks for reading!
Sounds good to me

Totally agree. It always takes me a few minutes to figure out why the channel keeps triggering after I have deleted the notes (I am slow). It would be natural that with "auto fill in trigger" enabled, then deleting a note also deletes the trigger.
+1 for this. If I want a trigger without a note value I'll just fill in the trigger column.
+1 for both these!

you can add patterns, change pattern number and duplicate patterns when playing so it’s strange that patterns can’t be deleted when playing
I think it makes sense when auto trigger insert is enabled then the trigger should also auto be deleted when deleting the note.
I will think about an extra option in the setup or automatically do it if auto trigger insertion enabled .

For the 2nd:
This is in design at the moment. Basically it is an issue i got to tackle at some point but don't give it a too high priority.
Basically i deny deleting (and mark/copy paste) so any playing pattern are not deleted or overwritten while playing and cause a general crash. Playing something that isn't there causes problems.
Thanks very much for the reply. Yes I completely understand your point about deleting when playing - I hadn't thought of that.
Look forward to seeing what you have in mind for future development.