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Full Version: idea: MIDI CC definitions/labels
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The Squarp Pyramid has an interesting feature allowing users to effectively add labels to MIDI notes and CCs: https://squarp.net/modedefinition

Something like this seems like it could be really nice on nerdseq - I currently have a bunch of MIDI implementation printouts laying around to reference

Not sure where this info could be surfaced. Perhaps the status bar (where channel, CC, etc info is displayed) at the bottom while the cursor is over a MIDI note or CC effect? 

Perhaps CCs without definitions could even be made unavailable somehow? Roland boutiques, for example, have their usable CC numbers spread out quite a bit (eg: TB-03 uses 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 71, 74, 75, 102, 104) and it could be tedious to scroll through and find the correct ones even with "definitions"
I think it is not possible like this because of memory limitations. Just imagine 128 cc names 6 times like 8 characters is a bit too much i can affort in the sequencer. However, i might be able to give the 8 possible user assignable CC values naming. So the fixed CC can get names, the free CC don't.
But this with lower priority.
Makes sense! Fixed CC naming seems like a good compromise given the constraints.