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Full Version: Random coin toss between sample tracks
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In simple termsĀ I'd like to have a kind of "MI Branches" function between the sample tracks.
It could be great for a stereo usageĀ  Cool
Running the same sequence in both sample tracks but the effective output would be randomly choosen.

And even between the 2 tracks included inside one sample track !
And even between the "regular tracks" !

Cheers !
What if you just use 2 times the same pattern and give the sample playing a probability.
In that case you would have kind of the same result, except for 2 more options that also either both can play or none.

The sample tracks themself are independend from each other and i want to keep it like this.

One thing that could be possible is an extra coin toss function within one pattern which decides if it should be played on one or the other output. But not high prio.