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Full Version: Firmware V1.20
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Yes, it's time again for another update. Also this time, plenty of new features are added (some you would expect and some you didn't expect) and known (and unknown) bugs are fixed.

First, thanks for all the Release Candidate tests, they really helped to fix some hidden bugs. The good thing is that it all has been only minor stuff (also from V1.19 and earlier).

Some important information before you update:

- make a backup of your SD Card and especially of your projects 
- Old Projects can simply be loaded with the new version (also the projects from the Release Candidates should work).
- Firmware updates always work, if it doesn't, then you did something wrong. Check the Firmware update FAQ for some infos.
- No worries, in case of any issues you can always go back to your earlier version!

Also note: Since this version the update will look a bit different around the end of updating. For most people the Progressbar will go back to 0 and some percent. That is totally fine and as long as it says 'Updating Succeed', then everything is fine.

So here are the long awaited new features and fixes:
- Added live animation for automator screen
- Added Euclidean Rhythm input for Trigger16 expander
- Added Shift UP/DOWN of drum matrix column for Trigger16 expander. Shifts Up/Down the sequence in a drum matrix column (and inserts on carry)
- Fixed: Trigger16 drummatrix and the 8 normal Trigger16 columns overrule on swapped tracks
- Added functionality that cursor gets back to drummatrix when it was on drummatrix at latest
- Added missing probability on drummatrix in double pairs on first or 2nd 8 drumtriggers
- Added Launchpad Integration for Launchpad Pro, MK2 and Mini. You can only use the Pro for now as it has regular Midi In/Out. (Beta)
- Added decimal view in transpose, if decimal is on
- Added Version number in Setup screen
- Fixed possible hanging Midi notes on CV recording
- Added Mute and Solo for Trigger16 expander
- Added Speedup/Slowdown (Nudge) for finenudging and ticks (Project -> Tempo)
- Added 'Enter pattern screen on OK' function (if enabled). Enters pattern screen or creates a new pattern (if the spot was empty)
- Added 1.2V/Oct as alternative note-scaling (buchla)
- Added Hz/Volt note scaling
- Added Note transpose of marked values from sequencer screen
- Added MOD note transpose
- Fixed possible 'stop track now' and 'stop sequencer now' issues
- Added function to change global transpose on a zero transition or when pressing OK directly (Project screen->Transpose)
- Added track transpose to sequencer screen Nerd menu
- Fixed loading issue of older projects < V1.19 where the automator settings could be wrong
- Added pre-listening also for Midi tracks
- Fixed Page Up/Down in sequencer screen when marked
- Fixed possibility when creating a new (last) pattern that the sequencer could overwrite table fields
- Added Page Up/Down in calibrate screen to direct reach the needed part
- Added Note to the Trigger16 FX, so notes (with or without trigger) can be played on the regular CV/Gate output
- Added additional delay setting for the trigger column. Trigger delay settings for cv/gate setup screen, so triggers can be delayed more compared to the CV outputs.
- Update: If a trigger is filled in in the trigger column, then it always overrules the note auto-gate regardless of probabilities
- Added: User Interface menu and screen to change font (5 new fonts) and screen colours
- Added: Midi recording with flexible input routing, added polyphonic recording (Notes, CC, aftertouch, pitchbend etc) into midi tracks, recording and playing into Trigger tracks, Midi pitchbend into CV tracks, Midi to transpose tracks and transpose all
- Fixed: When marking, SHIFT+DOWN marks all now also for Midi and Trigger16 screens. 
- Added: Delete while recording: Deletes if recording and in pattern screen and pressing the table button for parameters that are selected to record
- Added recording into the current cursor position for CV input and Midi (Note input into patterns through CV inputs or Midi with or without running sequencer)
- Major CV recording update, Flexible input routing, Live CV input for transpose, manipulations, Sample playing, sample pitch, slot and gate recording, XY Sequencer Move, Input->Output quantization
- Added manual CV calibration
- Added:  PR My
- Added: Pre-listening for MOD values and not only notes
- Fixed: Unwanted BRK0009 insertion in sample screen on first parameter
- Fixed Midi mark values for FX columns
- Added per track transpose including settings to allow or avoid track transpose or global transpose for the track (track settings and special FX)
- Added All Sound off function (midi controller78)
- Fixed Midi basenote FX

And many minor small things that came along the way or needed to be done...

The new firmware is attached here, download it, put it in your firmware folder and update following the usual firmware update instructions.

Also to be sure that you don't miss any feature or to know how it works, check the manual.
The new manual version V1.0.7 is available in this thread:

Don't forget to spread the word, make videos, because that is what's needed to continue adding new features!!

Amazing, amazing, amazing!
I’ll get back to this beast ASAP !!
this is great! having the delete during recording is very handy. amazing work!
Hey ,
And I've just receive my launchpad pro ! Great news bro
Thx man for the new firmware.
This update goes a looooong way for legibility, just worked on my interface and it's amazing Smile
first : Thomas you´re amazing , really appreciate your work !
can´t be said often enough !

second : i´m going nuts for two hours now , somebody figured out what PR does and how it works?
merci !
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