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If the trigger 16 layout could only be configured one way though, my vote would be to have the launchpad display 4 tracks with 16 horizontal steps (2 rows of pads per trigger track)

Each set of two rows could be assigned their own color.

My ideas for the layout for the other functioning buttons would be:

Top buttons 1-8:
1. Return to sequencer
2. Hold and press a step to insert break
3. Switch backward through tracks 13-16,9-12,5-8,1-4
4. Switch forward through tracks 1-4,5-8,9-12,13-16
5. Page 1 (steps 1-16)
6. Page 2 (steps 17-32)
7. Page 3 (steps 33-48)
8. Page 4 (steps 49 -64)

Side buttons A-H:
A. Mute track 1/5/9/13
B. Solo track 1/5/9/13
C. Mute track 2/6/10/14
D. Solo track 2/6/10/14
E. Mute track 3/7/11/15
F. Solo track  3/7/11/15
G. Mute track 4/8/12/16
H. Solo track  4/8/12/16

It seems like this would be a nice open visual layout and would be easy to navigate, what you guys think?
Hello, I have a little problem with the LP pro integration.
When i use 1 channel for the triggers i can mute everything. But when i use 2 channels for the triggers is goes wrong.
When i use for example channel 1 for trigger 1 /8 and use channel 2 for trigger 9/16 i can not mute everything.
For example :
On channel 1 i can mute 1,3,4,5,6,7,8 (So i can not mute trigger 2).
On channel 2 i can mute only 2 (So i can not mute trigger 9,11,12,13,14,15,16).
Somebody knows what i am doing wrong?

I also have one other question. I need the all the triggers i have. So 6 on the nerdseq and 16 on the expander. Because the problem above i tried something else. On the trigger 1/8 i triggered (in the FX colomn) trigger 9,10 and 11. But when i mute the track where the triggers are in the FX the sound will stop on the track and the track is grey but the added triggers in the FX box will keep going. Only thing to mute them is to put the potmeter all CCW on the mixer. But i want to mute with the LP but that doesnt work.

Please help somebody

Greetz Dave

Still no answer....... Is it stupid question or nobody knows the answer??????
Do the lights work with the LP pro MK3 in programmer mode? I have got it working but no lights...
(08-20-2020, 02:10 PM)Jungle of Wires Wrote: [ -> ]Do the lights work with the LP pro MK3 in programmer mode? I have got no lights...

Yes they are reported to work.
You might enable midi data in the nerdseq and maybe change another setting in the LP if that doesn't work.
Thanks, it is working. Wasn’t aware that both midi in and out must be connected. Makes sense ha...
Are there any plans and / or ideas on using the LP for entering pattern notes / modulation?

It could be as simple as "long pressing" a trigger and then picking a note from on the grid by displaying a keyboard. Or perhaps hold another button, press the pad in the grid and pick the note after releasing the pad and back to normal as soon as you release the button part of the keycombo.

like CTRL + Matrix Pad (select tigger in pattern) -> (release CTRL) Matrix Pad (pick note)

The pad velocity could be used as modulation amount.
Any fellow users tried the Mk3 mini or Launchpad X through a midi patchbay or something similar rather than the Pro Mk3 with midi ports? Are there big differences in the Mk2 vs Mk3 pro when using it with the nerdseq? Thinking about getting a launchpad but undecided which model to get.
Would love to hear about the Mk3 mini, as well – it would be the optimal size...
Don't have one of those, but can now report that the Launchpad Pro setting in the setup menu works exactly as expected with the Launchpad X through a midi interface! Big Grin Very nice
Did anyone else notice that on the latest Firmware 1.22A, the default color for new patterns in the Sequencer went back to "None"? Sad
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